Business Travel, Taxes, and You

Figuring out travel expenses and taxes surrounding travel expenses for your business, small or large, can be a hassle. Like almost all tax related situations figuring out what to do and how to keep track of your travel expenses is no easy feat. If you’re a business owner chances are you’ve grown fairly accustomed to all the different tax related scenarios you may come across. However if your business is growing or if you’ve just opened up shop the world of business related travel expenses can be new and fraught with confusion. Business travel expenses fall under IRS tax topic #511 and a lot of information regarding that topic can be found on their website however listed below will also be some useful information regarding business travel expenses.

Knowing what qualifies as a business travel expense is the first step to getting your ducks in a row. How can you account for your business travel expenses if you don’t even know what they are? It’s also important to know what is tax deductible and what isn’t, this way you can afford making major mistakes when you’re out on the road. Whether you’re travelling alone or with your employees it’s important to keep in mind what’s tax deductible or not. Here’s a list of what typically is tax deductible when travelling for business. Keep in mind however that circumstances and state laws can change things.

  1. Baggage charges
  2. 50% of the amount of money spent on meals
  3. Cleaning and laundry expenses
  4. Local transportation costs including taxi fares and other forms of transportation
  5. Lodging expenses
  6. Parking fees

Of course the list could go on and on as there are a lot of situations that arise when travelling for business but these are the main ones that almost everyone comes across in their travels.

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Be sure to do the appropriate research and planning before your next business trip if you want it to be a success.